November Round-Up

Zach Wolfson has finished editing our conversation about the directions we hope to take our work. I hope you enjoy his beautiful work. Thanks Zach!

Jenny Callahan is sitting on the floor of the art room at the Colorado Center for the Blind curling a six foot chickenwire octopus leg into a spiral so that we can fit all eight, plus its body, into boxes to ship to the Orlando NFB National Convention last July. This octopus now lives in Baltimore, but we have Calipso Too, who will make an appearance at the Shared Visions exhibit.

To hear an in-depth interview with Jenny and myself please click here. In this interview I wanted to touch base with Jenny so that we could capture her hopes and dreams at the beginning of her art teaching career. We are coming in on the end of our work sponsored by the Arts In Society grant that gave us this opportunity to work together for the last two years to make both our ambitions a reality. Jenny is now teaching classes at the Colorado Center for the Blind and attending classes in wheel throwing ceramics, anatomy and fantastical costuming. All were made possible by the generous grant from the Hemera Foundation and Bonfils Stanton Foundation as it was administered by RedLine Gallery. It is a joy being a part of this community.

Preparing an Octopus for Shipment

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