Celebrating Our Birthdays!

Flew out to LA to meet Willow and Mike for lunch so that Willow and I could celebrate our birthdays together! Thanks Mike for the delicious lunch and amazing dessert. Willow threw in a free stop at the Hobbit Houses, an intriguing collection of cottages that you can visit too. Go to http://laconservancy.org  and search for Hobbit. The Conservancy has a new website that is really fun to explore. Next time you are in LA look at the site for hidden treasures in your area. Image

And So It Begins – Colorado Center for the Blind “Front Range Mural”


Actually this project began some months ago but now I have the final reference materials in hand and can finalize the designs this week. The project is a mural 12 feet wide by a little over two feet high. It depicts the Front Range of the Rockies as they appear from the east.  The mural will be carved from cream colored limestone, sparkling white marble, red travertine, mottled green onyx, black slate and bronze. You will be able to feel as well as see all the images which will include the state flower, tree, flag, bird and mammal.

 Charlie, acting as driver and navigator,Image

and I drove to Pueblo Airport to get a quick lesson in flying while we took in the sights and documented the southern mountains along the Colorado Front Range.Image

We had a great time with Mike, our instructor/pilot. Even though it was a bit windy up there on Saturday he made a smooth as butter landing. Thanks Mike! Image